Inventors Sales Representation

Technospire have a great partnering program for Inventors in selling/promoting/ Marketing/ Branding software or Hardware products in the market. We have built a connected network of business experts, who will involve in taking the product to the market with a fast paced techniques. Our Screen committee can review your product, make suggestions, handles unique situations, handle compliance, develop or learn sales policies and introduce you to the prospect buyers. We will also take care of meetings, demo coordination, presentations, contracts, non competitions, purchase orders, invoicing and other Sales / Marketing practices.

Technospire will assist to provide exclusive representation for Sales of your products in specific geographic area per the client requirements. . The engagement includes, finding new customer orders, process orders given by old customers, process the orders of customers provided by Inventors or any other source. Operating all the sales from one channel will facilitate easy and non confusing operation for potential customers for a defined territory.

Inventory Management/ Warehousing etc will be responsibility of the Inventors.

Please contact us with your needs so that we can discuss in detail how Technospire can represent your products sales.